I’m a journalist and meditation teacher. Ten years ago I wrote The Head Trip, a book about the science and changing experience of consciousness. Thinking that much about the mind deranged me. Meditation gave me perspective.

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Pluralism as Path

Almost any domain or activity in life can be approached as an intentional practice, and the people who specialize in these domains have learned important things about being human. How can we draw this wisdom out? Introducing the Consciousness Explorers Club's new pluralistic practice paradigm :)

Is Consciousness Evolving?

A more realistic take on the so-called "evolution" of consciousness: an increase in discernment and sensitivity, largely driven forward by young people. It’s obvious why young people see and experience bias and discrimination at a level of nuance many in older generations cannot: they aren’t habituated yet.

The Promise and Peril of Spiritual Belief

I have a theory. Not a perfect theory, but it is a theory based on experience – based on my experience. And that’s exactly what my theory is about: the feedback loop between our ideas about reality, and our experience of reality. A celebration - and critique - of spiritual growth and understanding.

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