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New online course: Elements of Meditation

Meditation: Where to Begin?

This course is meant to kick-start – or refresh – peoples’ meditation practice, by giving them both a clear understanding of four core meditation styles – concentration (leads to simplicity and peace), mindfulness (leads to insight and perspective), loving-kindness (leads to friendliness and compassion), and “just sitting” (leads to acceptance and deep connection) – and how they can all be mixed, matched, and integrated into a single practice routine.

Featured Posts

Democratizing Mental Health

Until now, the thinking goes, we’ve largely depended on psychiatrists and psychotherapists and teachers for answers about how to manage our minds (at least, when things go off the rails). These authorities are still important; in fact, as we navigate specific challenges and techniques, we need them more than ever. Yet at the same time, there’s a growing recognition that an understanding of practice and self-regulation is too important and too fundamental to depend on specialists only.

Practice: Vehicles vs Parts

Imagine a post-Apocalyptic landscape filled with careening hot rods, all kitted out with various high performance stylings, and all of them moving in the same direction. In this metaphor, our armada of vehicles represent the world’s contemplative and personal growth practices. They are beautiful in their freakish diversity.

Joe Rogan Experience #1062 - Dan Harris & Jeff Warren

Lively talk with Joe Rogan and Dan Harris about self-regulation, martial arts, meditation, managing energy, the paradox of practice, equanimity and qualities of meditation and much more besides.

Featured Events

Winter Stillness Retreat

Way of the Consciousness Explorer - Meditation School

Winter Reset: Meditation. Movement. Yoga. Unlimited.