How to Teach Meditation

In this 2.5-hour workshop, I’ll lay out the basics of how to guide a simple meditation practice. We’ll look at how to language a practice to make it maximally accessible, how to talk about the benefits, the importance of honesty and teaching where you are at, some common practitioner challenges, and finally we’ll explore the key principles of responsibility and self-pacing.

Exploring Mind-Body Practices, Jungle Edition

For four Wednesdays in February, I’ll be hosting a special edition of the CEC at the Harmony Hotel in Nosara, Costa Rica. Each evening, a different guest teacher will lead us through a different healing and training modality. We’ll have a guided experience of that practice, and then we’ll explore together the practice’s effects, how it seems to work, and why it matters. Click for more info.

Teen Meditation Retreat

Mindfulness retreat for teens hosted by Inward Bound. I will be on staff to help reinforce the grim military atmosphere. Kidding – all doves and rainbows for these teens!

Meditate, Celebrate, Activate – A CEC Meditation Retreat

The Meditate – Celebrate – Activate retreat is unique for the way it builds on mindfulness and meditation practices, taking insights from the cushion and applying them immediately to interactive community good-times.