Awakin: Peer-to-Peer Meditation Teaching

“Our guest this week does not think of himself as a traditional top-down meditation teacher, but rather as someone who is growing a community of self-learners and co-teachers of consciousness. Have you ever experienced a “horizontal” environment of peer learners and teachers, rather than a traditional “vertical” teacher-student relationship?  How has a co-learning ecosystem fostered your growth?” – More information here.


How to Guide Meditation: A Workshop for Everyone

The world is crazy.  Meditation is sanity. The intention of this 2-day workshop is to empower everyone – including people not remotely interested in becoming a “teacher” –  to think about and care for their own mental health and the mental health of others. Learn how to write and guide a meditation in a way that matches your experience-level and interest.

Winter Stillness Retreat

I want this to be a super chill retreat, for me and for everyone. Smallish group, intimate conversations, lots of silence and meditation but also good exercise in the snow and hot chocolate afterwards. There is nothing more beautiful – or quiet – than the Canadian forest in winter. I am hoping this can be restorative for me as well, so come along, I promise not to get too heady and weird out here in the far margins of civilization….

Winter Reset: Meditation. Movement. Yoga. Unlimited.

In this Costa Rica retreat, we’ll alternate between dynamic movement and stillness. My co-teacher and friend Scott Davis is an integrative health and movement expert. Days will be a mix of sitting and yoga, of creative movement and play, of rest and beach-chilling, with delicious healthy meals and optional jungle and surfing excursions. Select for more.

Way of the Consciousness Explorer – Meditation School

Meditation is both an exploration and a training. This popular 7-week course – now in its seventh year – features a mix of guided practice, discussion, and weekly meditation-in-action homework assignments. It is both practical and contemplative, with an honest take on both the limitations of practice, as well as its strange and beautiful transformative dimensions.