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Use the form at the bottom of this page if you’re interested in booking me for a teaching or speaking engagement, a workshop, or any other event that involves my live participation. I love doing these. I also welcome writing and creative collaboration queries.

See my event calendar if you’re interested in attending one of my workshops, classes, or retreats.

One-on-One Teaching

I often get requests from folks looking for individual guidance. I prefer to work with groups. But I do have a network of people I recommend for one-on-one meditation instruction. These include my pal Avi Craimer, a smart and experienced Toronto-based teacher, who also sees students virtually. My pal Jude, a street-smart synthesizer of meditation and psychotherapy who’s also struggled with ADHD (he is very good with new meditators). My own teacher Shinzen Young, who runs a superb Home Practice Program one weekend a month (an at-home mini-retreat for very little cost). Shinzen’s main facilitator Julianna Raye – awesome lady – runs a rigorous mindfulness training program for students and would-be mindfulness teachers here.

Meditator husband-and-wife team Emily and Vincent Horn are fine skilled teachers who do private sessions on the Web, and also have cool training programs through their website

Also, if you download the 10% Happier app, not only are there many guided meditations and videos from myself and other teachers, the monthly subscription includes live support from a team of experienced meditation teachers. You can email them your questions, or chat with them on the phone. It’s a pretty amazing resource – and one version of the future of practice support (I imagine a meditation teacher call centre, everyone on their Zen headsets, the office filled with throw cushions and wind chimes).

Meditation can be helpful and healing. So can community and social support. You learn tips from others, and just hanging out with an open-minded group of fellow explorers can make life better. If you’re in Toronto, try coming to one of our Monday night Consciousness Explorers Clubs (CEC). The name may sound intimidating (or weird), but we are beginner-friendly and relatively dogma-free, although we do go on a lot about pluralism and the importance of looking ridiculous. We do a fun annual retreat in the summer that anyone can come to – if you email the CEC (, we’ll put you on our interested list. Also, if you’re from another town, there will soon be resources on the CEC site around how to start your own local practice group, should that interest you.


You can also try Googling “name of your town” + “meditation.” It’s a lot easier to find local meditation groups these days than it used to be. Mindfulness-identified groups are generally a pretty safe bet if you want to keep things on the straight and narrow. Or maybe you don’t want to keep things on the straight and narrow. Good! Explore: blast off into yogic weirdness with Yogani’s wonderful online community, or Daniel Ingram’s go-for-broke enlightenment nerds.  Or – if that all sounds like a lot of work – then maybe you need someone to tell you there’s nothing to do and nowhere to get to, in which case there are innumerable nondual teachers peddling their wares online. I happen to like Rupert Spira, Adyashanti, and Mukti, among others.
Finally: Nerdery and Gratitude

For general queries regarding meditation, consciousness, and the fascinating culture of spirituality in general, you can ask them using the form below. I’m planning to address these topics in a new book and as part of a regular series on this site soon.

Finally finally, I enjoy hearing from people whom I’ve helped, directly or indirectly. Life is short, and love keeps me trucking along.

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