Awakin: Peer-to-Peer Meditation Teaching

On Becoming One’s Own Consciousness Explorer and the Importance of Peer-to-peer Teaching and Learning

From Awakin Call :

“Our guest this week does not think of himself as a traditional top-down meditation teacher, but rather as someone who is growing a community of self-learners and co-teachers of consciousness. Have you ever experienced a “horizontal” environment of peer learners and teachers, rather than a traditional “vertical” teacher-student relationship?  How has a co-learning ecosystem fostered your growth?

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About Awakin Calls
A ServiceSpace project

“Awakin Calls is a weekly interview series and community podcast that highlights the outer work and inner journeys of individuals who are transforming our world in large and small ways. Awakin Calls are ad-free, available at no charge, and an all-volunteer offering of ServiceSpace, a global platform founded on the principle of “Change Yourself. Change the World.”

Every Saturday at 9AM Pacific time (California), we hold a live global conference call with an inspiring individual, with the simple hope of spreading positive ideas and connecting kindred spirits. Our guests have ranged from global changemakers in the nonprofit, corporate, academic, medical, and arts worlds — including Pulitzer Prize-winning writers, innovative philanthropists, transformational business leaders, Nobel prize recipients, and cultural change filmmakers and musicians — to “ordinary” but remarkable individuals manifesting their journeys of inner transformation through deep work in their communities.

The Awakin context centers on values that trigger inner transformation, and so the conversation ends up being somewhat different from what is found in traditional settings that focus only on the individual’s work in the world.  The Awakin call evokes turning point stories and holds space for speakers to open their hearts a bit about the personal inner journey that accompanies the outer head-and-hands work.”

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