How to Guide Meditation: A Training for Everyone

DATEOct 26, 27, 28, 2018; TIME: Friday 7 – 10pm, Sat and Sunday 9 – 3pm
COST: $300.00; LOCATION:  Metta Movement and Meditation Studio
5 Hamilton Ave North, Ottawa

This course counts towards accreditation with the Unified Mindfulness Teacher Training program.


The world is crazy.  Meditation is sanity. The intention of this weekend training  is to empower everyone – including people not remotely interested in becoming a “teacher” –  to think about and care for their own mental health and the mental health of others. Learning to guide meditation practice is an excellent way to do both.

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Who’s this for?

  • Anyone with a basic understanding of meditation who is interested in learning more
  • Anyone who wants to share a practice with friends and colleagues
  • Anyone from yoga teachers to book club leaders interested in including simple meditation techniques in their class or group
  • Experienced meditators interested in facilitating groups in their communities

You will learn:

  • Overview of meditation styles and history, including the recent scientific interest
  • The fundamental attentional skills that underlie most meditation and spiritual practices; how they work together to create healing, empowerment and transformation
  • How to ensure these skills are threaded through different “forms” or techniques – from body to sound to imagination; in stillness and in action
  • How to find your own style and form(s) as a meditation guide
  • How to language your guidance to make it maximally accessible to your audience
  • How to respond to people’s questions and reports, so you can help them customize their practice
  • How to work with common meditation-related challenges and help others do the same
  • The basics of trauma-informed mindfulness practice and the limits of meditation; understanding the wider context of mental health and the importance of other approaches and modalities
  • The long-term arc of meditation practice and an inclusive way of thinking about where any effective approach leads
  • The centrality of honesty, humility and teaching exactly where you’re at
  • The role of practice in life.


This is about learning how to write and guide a meditation in a way that fits with your particular experience-level and interest. We’re all about hands-on learning over here, so all creations will be workshopped as we go. We are excited to share our passion for guiding meditation and expect it to be a fun, provocative and transformative three days.

A Note on Certification

Although it’s a start, this workshop alone does not certify you to be a professional-level teacher. For that we recommend an advanced 200-hour training program. Of these, the program we know best is Unified Mindfulness (UM), which trains people in Shinzen Young’s rigorous system of mindfulness. This workshop counts as credit towards UM’s “outside learning” requirements.

The intention of this workshop is actually broader and more ambitious than any one profession or specialization: we want to help normalize and democratize the sharing of meditation practice, which at its most elemental is about basic inter-personal hygiene and responsibility. We think everyone should have a rudimentary understanding of the role of practice in life and the dynamics of self-regulation, just as everyone should have a rudimentary understanding of the value of a healthy diet and physical exercise.

This is my (Jeff’s) fiercest personal belief, one I’ll defend until my dying day. Which isn’t a very meditative thing to say, but then, I’m not a very meditative meditation teacher. The good news of this workshop is you don’t need to be!

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About the Teachers

Jeff Warren is a meditation instructor and journalist, celebrated for his accessible and pragmatic style of teaching. He is the co-author of The New York Times bestselling Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, and founder of The Consciousness Explorers Club, a nonprofit meditation educational group based in Toronto. Warren has successfully taught meditation to police officers, young offenders, social workers, and Google executives, among many others.


Julianna Raye began her career as a major label pop star on the rise in LA, until she bottomed out with showbiz angst and became … a meditation teacher! Apparently there’s life after “living the dream!” Twelve thousand hours of hardcore Zen and Mindfulness practice later, she is now the founder and head trainer at For nearly two decades she’s trained individuals, groups and corporations in the art and science of mindfulness, with a particular focus on strategies that help people help themselves. Recently she led the training for a workplace mindfulness study carried out by stress and resiliency expert David Creswell at Carnegie Mellon University. The fascinating – and positive – outcomes of that study will be published this fall.