Meditation Retreat for Fidgety Skeptics

LOCATION: Omega Institute,
Rhinebeck, NY

: May 10-12, 2019

: Friday 8pm-10pm; Saturday 9-12 & 2:30-5; Sunday 9-12

Registration information coming soon

Have you seen the gigantic Omega Institute catalogue? Hundreds of glossy teachers and techniques from every tradition and approach imaginable. That’s a lot of options. I always wonder: how are you supposed to know which one is right for you?

This situation pretty much sums up my first few years as a practitioner. I spent all my time pinging around in a lather of ADD-powered excitability, jumping from teacher to teacher and technique to technique, never sure what I was doing or why.

I would like to help you avoid this scenario by … giving you yet another option. Because – sigh – yes, now I’m about to be IN that ridiculous catalogue, with my own ridiculous offering.

Welcome to Meditation Retreat for Fidgety Skeptics, where it doesn’t matter how many techniques and paths you’ve neurotically screwed up. In this workshop, we start again fresh, by exploring the core existential skills being trained across all techniques.

We’ll dig into the magical mystery weirdness of concentration, clarity, equanimity, and friendliness, and then we’ll build a customized practice that works for each of us. We’ll do all this in a rigorously humanistic way that nevertheless gets bat-shit mystical at the end, because, frankly, that’s where the fun is.

Other perks you can enjoy while staying at the Omega Institute :

  • Daily Open classes in Yoga, Meditation, Dance/Movement
  • Access to the campus – Long Pond Lake (canoes and kayaks available), hiking trails, tennis courts
  • Access to the Wellness Center (fee based services including massage and wellness treatments) and access to a free hot sauna room
  • Access to the Omega Café, Bookstore, and Library
  • When you sign up for your housing option, your fee also includes all meals in the Omega Dining Hall, which serves a mostly vegetarian mostly farm to table menu