Winter Reset: Meditation. Movement. Yoga. Unlimited.

Welcome to the first in a series of retreats I’ll be offering over the next few years with different guest teachers that I call “Expanded Practice Flows.” The idea is to expand our idea of what “practice” is and how it works by exploring the creative synergies between meditation and other modalities. Candidates for other Expanded Practice Flows in 2019 / 2020 are: creative writing, Qi Gong, painting, and an environmental-themed wilderness retreat. 

In this Costa Rica winter retreat at Rayos del Sol, we’ll alternate between dynamic movement and meditative stillness, with time out for beach lounging and sunset cocktails.

Scott Davis

My co-teacher and friend Scott Davis is an integrative health and movement expert. As you can read here, Scott is a true visionary. In addition to running a busy Eastern Medicine practice, he taught yoga for 20 years and loved it, but ultimately found the static nature of the poses limiting for himself and his students. That led to a new focus on “functional movement,” where he now helps people understand the range of what their bodies can do, leading to more resilience and strength and freedom.

Scott approaches movement the way I approach meditation: as an exploration, with a focus on understanding the core skills, so that people feel more empowered and alive.

On this retreat, our days will be a mix of sitting and yoga, of creative movement and play, of rest and beach-chilling, with delicious healthy meals and optional jungle and surfing excursions.

The curriculum will build through the week, starting with simple patterns and moving into richer sequences for mind and body. This retreat is for adventurers of all ages and skill levels; we always meet people where they are at, so don’t let any physical or mental limitations prevent you from joining us.

We are serious about the “unlimited” part. Not only is this about expanding body and mind, it is also about expanding our relationship to practice in general. Both Scott and I are passionately interested in shifting people out of the consumer mindset and into a stance that is more participatory and engaged. That means we’re also planning a fun mini workshop at the end of the retreat, where each person will explore the idea of creating and sharing their own hybrid practice. This is one retreat you can bring home with you!

Rough schedule below, as well as information about pricing and a link to our gorgeous retreat centre and location.

Join us in the sun.

Jeff and Scott


Read more about Rayos del Sol in Costa Rica – with room photos etc – here.

Reserve your spot with a non-refundable deposit of $500 CAD.
Payable through e-transfer or PayPal to
Contact Scott for further questions:; 416-606-8335.

Remaining balance to be paid in full by Jan 1, 2019 to our travel agent Angie Mammoliti of Transat Travel (56 Church Street, Toronto, ON, M5C 3C8). She will contact all participants in November to discuss your payment options but you can reach out to Angie by phone at 416-366-1961 or email her if you need assistance with your travel arrangements.  ** Transat Travel’s customer funds are protected in Ontario by TICO 50015088

Costs in USD (including all taxes):

Shared Occupancy: $1,795 USD
Double/Couple Occupancy: $2,034 USD
Single Occupancy: $2,373 USD

2017 Schedule:













“Jeff is a spectacular teacher. He is connected, brilliant, impassioned, funny and self-effacing. He overflows with enthusiasm for the subject matter. He listens intently to each person’s experiences in a real human way. Jeff’s mix of self-care and science is perfect for the skeptical-minded cynic. ”
– Matt Beam, writer and photographer

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