Love, Sex and Awakening

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Love, Sex and Awakening MEDITATION: Something juicy and embodied GROUP PRACTICE: Collective Wonderment Back in The Day, when the CEC was run out of my living room, the group practice was called “Collective Wonderment,” and the “practice” was basically jamming in a group about a particular theme, exploring ideas and emotions … Continue reading “Love, Sex and Awakening”

The Future

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Future MEDITATION: The Present GROUP PRACTICE: Activate 7: The Future of the CEC. Our final activate session, at least for this round, this one is about the CEC itself. Based on what we learned last week, what can be integrated into how we do things at the CEC? Should we … Continue reading “The Future”

Into the World

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Into the World MEDITATION: Expand in Space, Ground in Sound GROUP PRACTICE: Activate 6: Finding the Golden Thread The poet William Stafford (“for it is important that awake people be awake”) used to talk about finding the golden thread in a poem, in a moment, in a life – the thread … Continue reading “Into the World”

Lighting in a Bottle

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Lighting in a Bottle MEDITATION: Verve and Vitality GROUP PRACTICE: Activate 5: Activating This last week, we finalize the details of each initiative and share them with the larger group. We’ll explore how to energize the language of caring with an automatic writing exercise, empowering each other to unleash our store … Continue reading “Lighting in a Bottle”

Hidden Assumptions

TEACHER: Jeff THEME: Hidden Assumptions MEDITATION: Patterns of Inner Activation GROUP PRACTICE: Activate 4: Service is Edge-Riding We’ll continue to flesh out the details of our potential new initiatives, but this week we’ll also mindfully explore what hidden assumptions we may be bringing to the table. One of the big lessons from the development scene … Continue reading “Hidden Assumptions”

The Big Picture

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Big Picture MEDITATION: Grounding and Expanding. GROUP PRACTICE: Activate 3: Choosing and Consolidating Ok we’re starting to build some momentum here. We’ve shared stories and potentially identified some key areas to explore. Time to consolidate our creativity and focus in on a few concrete initiatives, either one you personally share … Continue reading “The Big Picture”

The Stories We Tell

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Stories We Tell MEDITATION: Into the Heart GROUP PRACTICE: Activate 2: Connecting to our Personal Motivation To prepare for this session, try to think about a challenge you faced or an experience you had that really affected you and might hint at an activate direction you’d want to go. Maybe … Continue reading “The Stories We Tell”

Giving and Getting

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Giving and Getting MEDITATION: Don’t Know Mind GROUP PRACTICE: Activate 1: What Does Activate Even Mean? Beneath that secret contemplative circuit is, apparently, an equally secret dynamic hiding right in plain sight: giving is getting and getting is giving. Expressing your caring in action is, they say, a healing practice, and … Continue reading “Giving and Getting”

Into the Underworld!

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Challenge MEDITATION: Into the Underworld! GROUP PRACTICE:  These are all the ways I suck, and this is what it feels like to talk about my suckage with you. This week we take our medicine. We learn how, in TS Elliot’s words, “to be restored, our sickness must grow worse.” It’s arguably … Continue reading “Into the Underworld!”


TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Breakthrough MEDITATION: Moving Ever-closer to The Now GROUP PRACTICE:  Time bandits So as I said, breakthrough is gonna look different depending on the person. For some, it might be a glimpse into the constructed nature of sensory reality, for others an energizing kundalini shock, for others still a sudden insight into … Continue reading “Breakthrough”