TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Effort MEDITATION: Dog on a Bone Concentration GROUP PRACTICE:  Lucid Dreaming mini-workshop Everything starts with concentration. The ability to focus, to stay on task. In meditation you learn the things you once thought were boring – like breathing – are actually fas-ci-na-ting when you concentrate on them. That’s because when the discursive mind settles, there’s … Continue reading “Effort”

Reality / Unreality

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Reality / Unreality MEDITATION: Melting into the Dream of You GROUP PRACTICE: Mini Lucid Dreaming workshop In my other life I wrote a book about dreaming and waking, and, like many before me, I became enchanted with the alternate reality known as lucid dreaming. Excellent for celebrity sex and super power rehearsal, obviously, but oh so much more. … Continue reading “Reality / Unreality”

The Beat that My Heart Remixed

TEACHER: Jeff and James THEME: The Beat that my Heart Remixed MEDITATION:  Your body is a tuning fork for cosmic symphonies. GROUP PRACTICE: We’ve done this before, and it is always good. After focusing your sensitive little heart, we’ll pull out the blankets and bolsters and spill onto the floor as James and Jeff guide you through … Continue reading “The Beat that My Heart Remixed”

Punching Right Through the Gates of Your Face

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Punching Right Through the Gates of Your Face MEDITATION: Silent Illumination GROUP PRACTICE: Dharma Combat Oh yes this will be good. Already I am so happy about this that I may not even show up. So for the meditation we’ll do a dead-simple Chan (Chinese Zen) practice called Silent Illumination where we’ll get all steeped in foreverness. Then what? We fight. Yeah, that’s … Continue reading “Punching Right Through the Gates of Your Face”

Gettin’ Rigour

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Gettin’ Rigour MEDITATION: Vipassana-style noting GROUP PRACTICE: Partner Noting We start the month with a bit of disciplined practice. Basic insight noting. Object: the breath – a fine object with an auspicious lineage, for under the Bodhi tree the Buddha apparently rode his breath all the way to enlightenment, whatever that means. Of course this was only after a pitched psychic battle with the armies of Mara – ie. sloth, … Continue reading “Gettin’ Rigour”

Devotion 4: Ye Gods!

TEACHER: Jeff Warren and Avi THEME: Devotion 4: Ye Gods! MEDITATION: Deity Yoga GROUP PRACTICE: Inter-Personal Adventure Psyched to welcome my new friend Avi Craimer, a smart and rigorous Toronto-based meditation teacher with an interest in the devotional side of practice. This is rare in the West, where there is much more emphasis on dry “attentional skill” training. Check … Continue reading “Devotion 4: Ye Gods!”

Devotion 3: Giving Up

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Devotion 3: Giving Up MEDITATION: Stop Trying GROUP PRACTICE: Let’s All Surrender So much to explore on the interconnected themes of devotion, love and surrender. For the group practice, we’ll go inside using a form of contemplative inquiry designed to activate our intuition-rich anti-search engines. As the cliche goes, this one is about accessing your … Continue reading “Devotion 3: Giving Up”

Devotion 2: Kung-Fu Self-Hugging

TEACHER: Jeff and Scott THEME: Devotion 2: Kung-Fu Self-Hugging or Loving the Entire Vibrating Body Backwards in Stillness and in Motion MEDITATION: I Love the Feeling of Having a Body GROUP PRACTICE: Yoga Magic OG’s Scott Davis will work his yoga magic as we move very slowly and deliberately into accessible and archetypally-charged postures, feeling the wonder and grace of each pose. Man … Continue reading “Devotion 2: Kung-Fu Self-Hugging”

Grrr…. Couple Battle! How to Not Scupper Your Every Kind of Relationship

TEACHER: Jeff Warren and Degan THEME: Grrr…. Couple Battle! How to Not Scupper Your Every Kind of Relationship; MEDITATION: Down and Dirty with the Emotional Body, Part Deux; GROUP PRACTICE: In relationship, there are folks who do the walking Sometimes, walking right over you. And there are folks who do the door matting – sometimes, door matting right under you! And then there are folks … Continue reading “Grrr…. Couple Battle! How to Not Scupper Your Every Kind of Relationship”

My Emotional Body Wants to Run Away and/or Punch you in the Face!

TEACHERS: Jeff Warren and Degan THEME: My Emotional Body Wants to Run Away and/or Punch you in the Face! MEDITATION: Down and Dirty with the Emotional Body, Part Un; GROUP PRACTICE: Exploring the Assertiveness Continuum A big line crosses the room – at one end, passiveness, at the other, aggressiveness. Somewhere in the middle (or maybe it’s orthogonal) is healthy assertiveness. Using various playful social … Continue reading “My Emotional Body Wants to Run Away and/or Punch you in the Face!”