TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Boundaries MEDITATION: Boundary self-space yo-yo machinery GROUP PRACTICE: Yes it’s true – your boundaries are dysfunctional. Too rigid. Too porous. Too superball springy, so that huggers bounce off you and end up hugging the random person behind them. Or maybe your boundaries are super healthy, in which case you can show me what that looks like, cause I have … Continue reading “Boundaries”

Sensory Experience Part Deux: Flow

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Ok things are getting a big bubbly and vibratory, wow dude you were right; MEDITATION: Sensory Experience Part Deux: Flow; GROUP PRACTICE: But can I flow in a group With other people looking at my crooked teeth? This one will be a walking practice – a group moon-walking practice. For reals. How smooth can you … Continue reading “Sensory Experience Part Deux: Flow”

Sensory Experience 1: Solid and Liquid

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: I am hard MEDITATION: Sensory Experience 1: Solid and Liquid; GROUP PRACTICE: Tough gal / guy tickle fight. Words tickling via a conversation about your STUPID LIFE STRATEGIES. Strategy will battle strategy for cage match domination, and guess what? Softness and love wins. Haha.

The Way of Surrender

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Way of Surrender MEDITATION: Just Sitting GROUP PRACTICE:  I Give Up – and Look How Much that Made me Love You! Fitting to end with Zen – Soto Zen, sotto voce, a soft surrender. Dogen called it “practice enlightenment.” Forget getting anywhere – where could you go? You’re already here. In a … Continue reading “The Way of Surrender”

The Way of Emptiness

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Way of Emptiness MEDITATION: Opening Up to the Possibility of An Infinite Object GROUP PRACTICE:  TBD. Back to Buddhism now, to what many snobs consider the pinnacle of Buddhist practice: Mahamudra, the “Great Seal” of the mountain-hopping Tibetan lamas, pointing their fingers to the sky as they zoom around on flying carpets fighting … Continue reading “The Way of Emptiness”

The Way of the Heart

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Way of the Heart MEDITATION: Centering Prayer GROUP PRACTICE: TBD. I expect this one will cause some reactivity. Many of us are fine exploring exotic Eastern practices, but mention the G word – mention prayer, mention Christ –  hoooweeee, out comes a lifetime of secular conditioning and judgment. BORING. Do you really think Indians … Continue reading “The Way of the Heart”

The Direct Path

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Direct Path MEDITATION: Self-Inquiry GROUP PRACTICE: Who Am I? Time for a trip to Hindustan. For this Advaita Vedanta-inspired practice, we send our attention backwards in an exhilarating and probably frustrating and ultimately fruitless search for yourself, or your small self anyway. Past all the schemes and tics of your personality – all that activity – … Continue reading “The Direct Path”

The Way of Sensory Experience

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Way of Sensory Experience MEDITATION: Just Note Gone GROUP PRACTICE: Partner Noting OK so we’ll start this wake-up series with an old school Theravada innovation: the intent noticing of sensation. This is the classic Buddhist path of insight; it involves penetrating our immediate experience with so much clarity and equanimity that eventually … Continue reading “The Way of Sensory Experience”