Solid Ground

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Solid Ground MEDITATION: Vase Breathing GROUP PRACTICE: The Silent Partner Yeah, space is fun, but sometimes you need to double-down with your feet on the ground. In the main meditation we’ll explore a Tibetan practice called “Vase Breathing” that will turn you into an immovable object. For the group practice, we’ll continue the … Continue reading “Solid Ground”

We Live in the Space Age

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: We Live in the Space Age MEDITATION: Sound and Space GROUP PRACTICE: The Space Between Us OK so first we stabilize the body, then we’ll send our minds out into the audioscape of College street, past the traffic and the streetcars to the boundary-tingling outer limits. For group practice we’ll continue last week’s … Continue reading “We Live in the Space Age”

The Beat that My Heart Skipped

TEACHER: Jeff Warren and James THEME: The Beat that My Heart Skipped MEDITATION: Feelings and Sounds GROUP PRACTICE: James is putting together a mini-DJ set for this one We’ll work with different sounds and tones and tunes and see if we can notice how they impact our inner-verse, how we are played by the music even … Continue reading “The Beat that My Heart Skipped”

The Arrow and the River

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Arrow and the River MEDITATION: Old School Vipassana Noting, with two main flavors: contentment and agitation; GROUP PRACTICE: Pop Noting Been meaning to bring back this popular social technique for a while. Partner noting ping-pong style, we’ll scour our insides and afterward have a group powwow about the possible differences between stressful … Continue reading “The Arrow and the River”

Being Awesome

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Being Awesome MEDITATION: The Grounded Body GROUP PRACTICE: I am The Shit practice Basically we’ll get into small groups and interact and, as we do, each of us tries heartbreakingly hard to be and act in a way that we imagine our best selves to be. We make it really obvious to ourselves, which … Continue reading “Being Awesome”

Damn you technology!

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Damn you technology! MEDITATION: Noticing the compulsive push and pull; GROUP PRACTICE: Cell phone meditation on the absolute need to check your damn email and your text messages. Honourary Buddhist Louis C.K. absolutely nailed it. So on this particular Monday you get to bring your phone and go ballistic consulting every platform except this time you’ll do it … Continue reading “Damn you technology!”

Chakra Voodoo

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Chakra Voodoo MEDITATION: Flow, with a secret chakra / sushumna meditation woven in just to see what will happen; GROUP PRACTICE: This one will be cool The many certainties of yogic science cause more than a few eyeballs to roll. No problem – let’s test it in the interpersonal laboratory. For this … Continue reading “Chakra Voodoo”

The Lowest Common Denominator

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Lowest Common Denominator MEDITATION: Space all through GROUP PRACTICE: Space Walk We walk around like astronauts. We turn to the human near us and say “Hello. I saw you at the station eating one of those specially-processed freeze-dried nutritional pellets.” We notice how talking is different in space.