Chakra Voodoo

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Chakra Voodoo MEDITATION: Flow, with a secret chakra / sushumna meditation woven in just to see what will happen; GROUP PRACTICE: This one will be cool The many certainties of yogic science cause more than a few eyeballs to roll. No problem – let’s test it in the interpersonal laboratory. For this … Continue reading “Chakra Voodoo”

The Lowest Common Denominator

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Lowest Common Denominator MEDITATION: Space all through GROUP PRACTICE: Space Walk We walk around like astronauts. We turn to the human near us and say “Hello. I saw you at the station eating one of those specially-processed freeze-dried nutritional pellets.” We notice how talking is different in space.

The Fact That You Don’t Know Shit

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Fact That You Don’t Know Shit MEDITATION: Just Sitting GROUP PRACTICE: Don’t Know Mind and koan practice and collective bogglement.

Letting Go, of that Lady’s Purse

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Letting Go, of that Lady’s Purse MEDITATION: Non-Attachment GROUP PRACTICE: How to be less odious in relationship and less of a klepto on the bus.

What is Contentment?

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: What is Contentment? MEDITATION: Aimlessness – the Third Door of Liberation (just down the hall from the men’s room); GROUP PRACTICE: Breaking down the doors to happiness, in a non-violent way


TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Boundaries MEDITATION: Exploring Body and Space GROUP PRACTICE: Cool movement practice with Nadia Everyone gets up and starts walking and deliberately follows a different person in the room but they don’t let them know who it is, so you just keep walking around and around in circles and everyone is all super-charged with … Continue reading “Boundaries”

The Senses

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Senses MEDITATION: Sensory Flow GROUP PRACTICE: Crystal Singing Bowls – more Deep Relaxation


TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Attention MEDITATION: Non-attachment GROUP PRACTICE: Yoga Nidra and Deep Relaxation


TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Impermanence MEDITATION: Flow GROUP PRACTICE: Discussion: Soulful in the City – How to Find Big Mind in the Big Smoke