Taking Back Lazy

I made this meditation for Dan Harris’ wife Bianca, who wanted something chill that she could use when hanging out with her little son, or just relaxing on the living room floor. This is the ultimate anti-striver meditation – it is all about pure animal enjoyment. I recorded a short intro for context – you can skip over this if you like, or listen once and then skip over it in subsequent listens. The actual guided meditation begins at 2:09. Thanks to my friends at 10% Happier, who let me post this meditation on my site. I have many more meditations on their app.

Powers of Ten

A meditation inspired by The Powers of Ten a book and short film by the famous American husband and wife design team, Charles and Ray Eames. The subtitle is “the relative size of things in the universe.” Yes, the world can seem seriously screwed up at times, but 27,000 light-years away a black hole just ate a piece of spacetime! In this meditation, we practice taking the big picture perspective.

If you like, you can jump over the now rather dated intro, and go straight to the guided meditation, which begins at 2:30.