Bounce – A Different Way of Being

This is a podcast about training how you want to exist in the world. You're training how to do this everyday. If you’re existing in a consistently negative state  – angry, fearful, stressful – that’s the habit you’re unconsciously training.

The Wright Show – The “MacGyver” of Meditation

From science journalist to meditation teacher. How ADD and bipolar tendencies shaped Jeff’s practice. Falling out of a tree while on mushrooms. The interaction between mindfulness, not-self, and suffering. Defining enlightenment. Varieties of consciousness. How meditation can shift your priorities.

Expanding Mind with Erik Davis

Jeff discusses his journey to becoming a meditation teacher, the limitations of our old ideas about what a meditation teacher is, the qualities that are built during practices, they enjoyment of exploration, and much more on Erik Davis' always interesting podcast.

Waking Up Bipolar with Chris Cole

Chris Cole: "As you’ll hear in our conversation, Jeff Warren has an uncanny ability to both dive deep into mystical waters and also articulate the many practical benefits of taking up a meditation practice. I most appreciate his willingness to speak candidly about his experiences with ADHD."

Hypnotize Me with Dr. Elizabeth Bonet

No Fear practices. Different ways to break out of fear and anxiety. The natural course of Insomnia. The Watch” and how it related to Insomnia. About Jeff's teacher Shinzen Young. How Hypnosis gives us perspective on ourselves and Trance

Inspire Nation with Michael Sandler

How was he experimenting with consciousness as a child? What’s the importance of making people feel better about the fact that everyone’s got their own neurotic stuff? What was the 10% Happier meditation tour? What are the most important concepts for beginning? and more

10% Happier with Dan Harris #113: After the Road Trip

Dan and Jeff reflect on their January 2017 road trip, in which they traveled from New York City to Los Angeles to talk with people about what keeps them from meditating, and in the process, the two friends discuss how meditation has helped them work through their own personal struggles.

Nonduality Radio

Fun talk with Jerry Katz and Mandee Labelle at nonduality radio in Halifax. All about the Advaita nonduality scene.

Expanding Mind II – Exploring Meditation

Talk with Erik Davis and Maja D’Aoust. Gets right into big questions around the experience of meditation, the vastness of the territory, the multiplicity of practices, the relationship between insight and ethics, the mystery of human enlightenment and - to keep it modest - science and the nature of reality.

Expanding Mind I – Science, Consciousness, Reality

Fun talk with writer scholar Erik Davis, including riffs on hypnagogia, lucid dreaming, scientific vs spiritual knowledge, the role of science journalists in describing the nature of reality, how ocean may shape mind, psychedelics and more.

Dreaming as Practice

Jennifer Dumpert teaches a course on dreaming at Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. A short video interview I did for her class, talking all about Aristotle and houses on wheels and "memory catching" Brenda Lee's Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.

Sassy Science Interview

Sassy Science is put together by journalist Sonya Buyting. Sonya's podcasts are an adrenaline-fueled mix of breaking news and breaking beats. Good overview of Head Trip with some lurid extrapolations.


I believe we’re at are at the dawn of a new age of scientific exploration. The external world is mapped; now the explorers are turning inward. The galleons have left port. They’re approaching a huge mysterious continent. They won’t be the first to arrive. There are paths already cut in the forest, where shamans and monks and others... more