Mela Weekend Retreat – California

Now open to applications

In January 2022, join me, along with my co-teacher Dr. Christiane Wolf, for the Mela weekend retreat in Ojai, California, organized by The Path. The theme this year is “Joy and Togetherness,” which sounds exactly right after two years of dismay and separation.

What the heck is joy? Can it be taught? Well, it can definitely be cultivated, and doing so in community can speed up the insights and offer an accessible playground.

Mela is about “conscious leadership.” There’s an application process – with scholarships – where the Mela folks look for dynamic open leaders, who will benefit from meeting other dynamic open leaders, so they can synergize and make good things happen in the world. We need good things to happen in the world. We need people in positions of influence to care about mental health, and have that care be reflected in their work and their decisions so it can radiate out in all directions.

Practice can help. For these three days, there will be a focus on sitting in meditation, on exploring and sharing insights, on getting quiet and finding resilience and, yes, joy. How do we embody this all in the world? Not in some distant future, but right here, this weekend, with these people.

This gets to the curated part of the retreat: the meals and the social events, the hikes and guided yoga. Also live music and sound baths and a bunch of other ridiculous five-star spa amenities. Wilderness camping this isn’t.

Mela will take place Jan 20-23, 2022. You can be brand new to meditation or a grizzled veteran.

Covid: Full vaccination required for all guests and faculty (or two negative PCR tests within 7 days of Mela). This retreat will follow all local health and safety guidelines.

Hope to see you there.


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