Dreaming as Practice

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UrbanDreamscapeJennifer Dumpert has an interesting dream practice: when she has a memorable dream she wakes up and walks out of her San Francisco pad and then looks for some evocative place in the city to embed the dream. Maybe it’s the slope of a particular awning over an old storefront, or a particularly vivid red stop sign. She embeds dream details into the psychogeography, and then takes pictures of the scene so she remembers where she put the dream. She’s done this for years. Now when she walks around the city it’s hectic with dream information, two worlds overlapping in all kinds of unexpected ways. You can read more about her project here: www.urbandreamscape.com

Jennifer is a professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute in California, where she teaches a course on dreaming. Here is a short video interview we did for her class.

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