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The Consciousness Explorers Podcast – or, as my cohost Tasha Schumann likes to call it, “The Mind Bod Adventure Pod” – is an experiential sandbox for mind and body. Each episode is a real-time adventure, where a different guide takes us through a short meditation or personal growth practice. That means you’re coming too!

Afterwards, we attempt to reassemble ourselves into coherent human beings, so we can discuss what the heck just happened. We discuss what happened from a place of shared experience, with the practice itself still percolating in our nervous systems. How does this affect the kinds of conversations we can have?

Meditation, movement, dreaming, communication, leadership, therapy, hypnosis – this is a place  to explore the broadest possible understanding of “practice,” from quieter meditations to more engaged techniques for life and work. Our guides run the gamut from professional teachers and researchers to freestyle healers, artists, and innovators working things out for themselves.

The podcast is part of the Consciousness Explorers Club’s larger mission to democratize mental health. To empower everyone to become their own mental health authorities and share practice horizontally peer-to-peer, with a focus on community and removing stigmas around discussions of mental health. For an extended conversation about all of this with my friend Dan Harris, check out this episode from the popular Ten Percent Happier podcast.

By talking openly and honestly about our experience, we hope to help you get clearer about yours. So consider making the podcast part of your weekly meditation practice.

Now: let’s party. And by “party,” I mean let’s close our eyes and do practically nothing.

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In the two months since our January 2022 launch, the Consciousness Explorers Podcast has already hit 30,000 downloads and reached #6 on the mental health chart in the US. Our mission is to become a support for people around the world (we are #3 in India!) – especially younger folks. We explore a broad understanding of practice, centered around meditation but extending to movement and art and therapy and leadership and communication – anything that helps humans get through this wild ride called life.

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