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Each episode of The Mind Bod Adventure Pod takes listeners into a different practice, and a different perspective on life. We don’t just chat with our guests – we ask them to take us somewhere, and you come with us.

Each of our guides has expertise in a different mind-body practice. We explore different styles of meditation, therapy, movement, art, dreaming, voice, psychedelics, ceremony, breath, hypnosis, writing, technology, prayer, interpersonal communication, anti-bias training, Tarot, poetry, somatic release, touch, sexuality, and much more.

Guides run the gamut from well-known teachers, researchers and therapists to more freestyle healers, artists, and innovators. We focus on diversity and inclusivity – of age, background, and intellectual style. We believe that many people can responsibly guide a practice, so we don’t limit ourselves to orthodox modes and authorities. What’s more, when it comes to our own life experience, we are the only true experts. Thus this podcast is also about learning to become your own teacher.

Our practices illuminate every domain of human life. They help us change and grow, heal and connect. They can be very fun, and very serious, and everything in between.

Why practice in a podcast?

Practices are the habits we choose. Practices take us places, and teach us things, and help connect us to new capacities and orientations. They’re also needed – badly. We face immense challenges as a species. We need to share best practices – practices of communication and regulation, practices of connection and wonder, practices of seeing and unseeing, of settling down and rising up. We can also get better at practices, including the critical practice of not trying to get better at anything!

Practice has also never been more available. It’s ironic that the very medium scrambling our collective brain – the internet – has also made a zillion mind-body practices available. It’s a lot to sift through. We aim to be an intelligent filter. By doing the practices with us, and by listening to us talk about our own experience – what we found hard or helpful, interesting or preposterous – the hope is you’ll find insight and companionship for your own journeys.

Our mission at The Mind Bod Adventure Pod is the democratization of mental health. We are a way for people to connect to perspectives and resources to support them in life. As we learn to care for ourselves, we’re better able to care for the world and each other.

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In the two months since our January 2022 launch, The Mind Bod Adventure Podcast has already hit 30,000 downloads and reached #6 on the mental health chart in the US. Our mission is to become a support for people around the world (we are #3 in India!). We explore a broad understanding of practice, centered around meditation but extending to movement and art and therapy and leadership and communication – anything that helps humans get through this wild ride called life.

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