Being human takes practice.

Get short reflections on meditation, practice, and the baffle-wonder-challenge of somehow existing. Includes three videos on how to kick-start your meditation practice, and several badly-timed jokes.

On Sundays, people from around the world join me for a live meditation and hang out. Or they watch it later. It’s fun (ish). It’s community. Nothing really happens. 

Here, with characteristic low production values, I explain the essence of the Do Nothing Project.

Where to Begin?

Funny image of an early explorer
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The Warrior and the Caregiver

In this pandemic, my mental health is definitely taking a hit, along with the mental health of pretty much everyone I know. To manage this crisis, I need a model for managing myself. I call it the Warrior and the Caregiver.

CEC 10-Year Anniversary

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of The Consciousness Explorers Club, my friend Andrea Cohen made this beautiful 2-minute animation. The CEC is dedicated to the playful exploration of meditation, in a way that empowers participants and communities to be their own teachers.


Rhythm absorbs attention. It's an old trick – maybe the oldest. Rhythm of the drum, of moving bodies and moving breath. Of voices raised in unison. Find your rhythm. Build your practice. A survival tip for tough times.

Dynamic Care in Action

What does the practice of dynamic care look like in real life? From protesting to sewing masks, from making documentary films to listening to records to exploring genealogy, in this article I showcase a range of creative practices, submitted by all of you. The community is the teacher.

Power to the People - Democratizing metal health

Democratizing Mental Health

Far from being passive, I see meditation as a kind of activism, one that, right now, is sweeping the culture. If you’re reading this, you are part of that movement, a movement of sanity and community and genuine caring for others.