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For those who enjoy their meditation served up with a side of nothing whatsoever.

Meditation: Where to Begin?

This course is meant to kick-start – or refresh – peoples’ meditation practice, by giving them both a clear understanding of four core meditation styles – concentration (leads to simplicity and peace), mindfulness (leads to insight and perspective), loving-kindness (leads to friendliness and compassion), and “just sitting” (leads to acceptance and deep connection) – and how they can all be mixed, matched, and integrated into a single practice routine.

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The Do Nothing Project

The Do Nothing Project Live Broadcast

The world is filled with so many interesting things!  People doing stuff, going places, making things happen. It’s all very exciting. This is not about any of that. Come meditate with me live, and see what happens.

The Astral Hustle with Cory Allen

From the Astral Hustle podcast: "This podcast was a trip. Several times Jeff and I had to stop and scratch our heads because of the similarity of our experiences. We had fun and got into a deep talk about our paths and the far reaches of consciousness".

Fuck It

A true story about almost losing one's mind.

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