Being human takes practice.

Get short reflections on meditation, practice, and the baffle-wonder-challenge of somehow existing. Includes three videos on how to kick-start your meditation practice, and several badly-timed jokes.

On Sunday night, people from around the world join me for a live meditation and hang out. Or they watch it later. It’s fun (ish). It’s community. Nothing really happens. 

Here, with characteristic low production values, I explain the essence of the Do Nothing Project.

Where to Begin?

Funny image of an early explorer
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Evryman Podcast

From the Evryman Podcast: “You don’t need to run to the science, the science is cool but go to your own experience, do the experiment and see what’s there.” This week’s guest is Writer and mediation teacher Jeff Warren. If there is such a thing as a rockstar meditation teacher, Jeff is certainly in the conversation.

Freedom from Freedom

I think then: this freedom is better. Freedom from freedom. Freedom from myself, freedom from the dizziness of a million choices. Parenting is very clarifying. I know my job: keep Eden and Sarah alive. There’s only one thing to do and it is not about me.

Democratizing Mental Health

Far from being passive, I see meditation as a kind of activism, one that, right now, is sweeping the culture. If you’re reading this, you are part of that movement, a movement of sanity and empowerment and genuine caring for others.