The Do Nothing Project Live Broadcast

“Sit in meditation for twenty minutes a day. Unless you are too busy – in which case you should sit for an hour.” – Zen proverb

The world is filled with so many interesting things!  People doing stuff, going places, making things happen. It’s all very exciting.

This is not about any of that.

Welcome to The Do Nothing Project. An experiment in … well, not much. Together.

How does it work? Simple: every Monday at 8am EST, go to my YouTube channel, and wait for a new window to magically appear at the top of the page. That’s me, badly lit and fumbling with the technology.

We are live!

At this point I will say some words of greeting, and then I will guide a 20-minute meditation, and afterwards answer questions and / or engage in a short discussion on some fascinating permutation of mind, meditation, and practice.

Yes, one could argue that the moment we implement a meditation technique or answer a question we are in fact doing something, but let’s not quibble. We are after directionally more of nothing than our previous moments of something.

Anyone can send me a question ahead of time via the contact form on my website, and I’ll try to answer it live. The background scenery will change from week to week, as I travel around and sit with different populations. Sometimes I may have special guests. If you miss a broadcast – like maybe you have a “job” – it will be archived on the same YouTube page, so you can meditate to it / watch it / be bored by it later, on your own timeline.

“And that, my friends, neatly summarizes nothing whatsoever.”

Wherever the heck I am, I, Jeff Warren – a man of very little consequence – commit to doing absolutely nothing with you and for you. At least, until the next mood disorder tosses me into the mental health gutter.

Why join me?

Good question! Of course I have no idea. To ruin you for useful work forever? No that isn’t quite right. I could go into a pretentious rant about the unconscious violence of our over-caffeinated workaholic culture (for which I am Exhibit A), but really, who has time for it?

Let’s just say: because it will be a training in equanimity. Because every episode will be a surprise. Because it’s good to sit in community – near and far – and do mostly nothing. Together.

Much affection to all my friends. Hope to see some of you bright and early Monday morning.


PS – If you want to receive a notification on Sunday about the subject of the next Do Nothing broadcast, you can subscribe to this list.

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