The Head Trip

headtrip-canada-pb-web(Random House, 2007). Buy it here (US) or here (Canada).

The UK’s Independent called it “exhilarating,” The New York Times’s Sandra Blakeslee called it “audacious, enchanting, often hilarious.” The neuroscientist Adrian Owen just called it one of the “Top 10 Books about Consciousness” in The Guardian. My Mom called it “long.” Click here for more reviews.

Click here for a short summary I wrote for The New Scientist.

The Head Trip is a guide to the neuroscience and inner experience of waking, sleeping and dreaming. It is also a ridiculous attempt on my part to classify all the most elemental ways we are aware, which, as my friend Matt says, is like trying to stick Post-It notes on the ocean.

HT-Italy-ApogeoThe narrative is me being a guinea pig for various scientific and quasi-scientific experimentation, from sleep lab analysis, to lucid-dream workshops, hypnotic inductions, neurofeedback trials, meditation retreats and more. Lots on the reality-bending nature of dreaming, one of the first popular accounts of neuroplasticity, and a chapter on ancestral sleep patterns, among others. The book will introduce you to you own mind, which may cause you to recoil, for it’s not everyday that you meet such a freak.

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