The Do Nothing Project

The Do Nothing Project Live Broadcast

The world is filled with so many interesting things!  People doing stuff, going places, making things happen. It’s all very exciting.

This is not about any of that.

Fuck Self Improvement – CEC Meditation

On this last Monday of 2021, we make powerful resolutions to improve ourselves, from new dietary and exercise regimens, to important practice protocols and virtuous personal intentions, to say nothing of ….er… and … uh … That sounds like a lot of work. Fuck it.

Mela Weekend Retreat – California

In January 2022, join me, along with my co-teacher Dr. Christiane Wolf, for the Mela weekend retreat in Ojai, California, organized by The Path. The theme this year is “Joy and Togetherness,” which sounds exactly right after two years of dismay and separation.