The Do Nothing Project

The Do Nothing Project Live Broadcast

The world is filled with so many interesting things!  People doing stuff, going places, making things happen. It’s all very exciting.

This is not about any of that.

iBme Teen Meditation Retreat

Mindfulness retreat for teens hosted by Inward Bound. I will be on staff to help reinforce the grim military atmosphere. Kidding – all doves and rainbows for these teens!

Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics – North Carolina

Think of this Friday to Sunday weekend retreat as “Being Human School.” It’s a relaxed and practical distillation of some of what meditators have been learning for 3,000 years. There will be meditation, and movement, and interpersonal connection. Also. there will be jokes.

Winter Reset Jungle Retreat

A meditation and movement retreat in the Osa Peninsula in southern Costa Rica. This is absolutely a retreat for adventurers. We are only talking 20 people, and only those excited at the prospect of hikes and jungle exploration.