CEC Teaching

LOCATION: Mosaic Yoga Studio, 225 Sterling Rd, Toronto
Story and Mystery
MEDITATION: Thirty-Five Minutes to Armageddon

And so it was that on a dark September night, after a gruelling trip in from the hamlet of Guelph, a man appeared at the studio doorway.

“I am your facilitator this evening,”  he said, “and I have something important to share about this month’s theme.”

The room was silent.

“The theme of Story and Mystery.”

No one said anything.

“That’s the theme.”

It seemed no one was paying the man any attention. “Hey, I’m the President!” he said, rather childishly. But there was no rousing these meditators. The clock had begun grinding down the minutes, and their trances were deep. He stepped into the room, determined to get their attention. To be continued!

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