Dreamland Conversations: Welcome to Your Mind

Often when we encounter mental health challenges, we look for outside help: therapy, medication, behavioral treatments, external structure and support. All these are important.

And … there’s also something we can do from the inside.

This July, join Jeff Warren, Tasha Schumann and friends for two nights at the beautiful Dreamland Theatre in Nantucket where we will explore meditation, consciousness, psychedelic, mental health and much more.

Welcome to your mind!

Full program description below. Both evenings will be recorded as live episodes of the Consciousness Explorers Podcast.

Tickets: HERE

NIGHT 1: Monday, July 24th at 7pm:  Meditation and the Creative Possibilities of Practice

Meditation is deep preventative mental health. This evening, Jeff Warren and Tasha Schumann join Rob Cocuzzo, editor of Nantucket Magazine, for a conversation about the creative possibilities of meditation and practice. Warren and Schumann will offer an overview of the enormous diversity of meditation practices, how they can be customized to fit different challenges and situations, and how the skills of meditation can be applied to any movement or art or work practice to deepen the impact and benefits. One or two short guided meditations will be interspersed throughout the evening, to give people an experiential taste of these powerful technologies of inner exploration and transformation. Conversation will include an audience Q&A.

NIGHT 2: Tuesday, July 25th at 7pm: Psychedelics, Treatment & Self

Psychedelic medicines are having a moment in the culture. What’s the appeal? What is the nature of the healing and transformation that happen through careful use of these medicines? For Dimitri Mugianis and Ross Ellenhorn – founders of Cardea and recently featured in the Rolling Stone “Psychedelics Issue” – psychedelics help put us in an open-ended relationship with the world around us. Everything else flows from there.

In the second evening of our exploration into consciousness, Dimitri and Ross join hosts Tasha Schumann and Jeff Warren for an evening of practice and conversation. What is the impact of psychedelics on mental health, how do they help us change and connect? An exciting evening for anyone interested in the future of mental health, and considering embarking on their own psychedelic journey.

Tickets: HERE

Visit NantucketDreamland.org for tickets and to learn more. Dreamland Conversations is brought to you in partnership with Nantucket Magazine.
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