Eudēmonia 3-Day Summit

A 3-Day Summit For Your Good Health, Wellbeing & Longevity

I’m happy to announce that I’m part of an incredible lineup that comprises the first-ever Eudēmonia Summit in West Palm Beach, FL on Nov 1–3, 2024. Eudēmonia—named after the ancient Greek word for “well-being”—is poised to become the world’s largest wellness gathering. Alongside other experts, scientists, teachers, and creators, I’ll be exploring the latest in evidence-based research on cultivating your well-being.

Far beyond a conference, Eudēmonia is an experience. From morning runs and sunrise meditation to cold plunges and wellness treatments, you won’t just be learning what to do for your health; you’ll be doing the things that bring you closer to eudēmonia. The summit will also feature an expo featuring the cutting-edge brands who are making the biggest strides in simplifying (and amplifying) health and wellness.

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