Meditation Party: A Livestream Workshop

Mindfulness, Conversation, and Reckless Conviviality with Meditation Superfriends Dan, Seb and Jeff

Many of us meditate solo, especially these days. This livestream workshop is a chance to get all of the high-occupancy-vehicle-lane benefits of meditating in a group.

Join self-proclaimed meditation nerds Dan Harris, Sebene Selassie, and Jeff Warren, streaming live from Omega’s Rhinebeck campus, for a 3-day “do-nothing” party with lots of meditating. This is definitely not a silent retreat. It is an opportunity to connect with others online, move your body, nap, and discover the power of applying your practice to everything in life.

Meditative superfriends Seb, Jeff, and Dan teach meditation from very different perspectives. Their goal is to help you explore a variety of techniques, both for on-the-cushion practice and free-range living. Come whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner looking to up your game.

For registered participants, this livestream workshop will be available on demand until December 13, 2024. The weekend workshop is also offered on Omega’s Rhinebeck, New York, campus October 11-13, 2024. Learn more.

Registration: click HERE

Sebene Selassie is a writer, teacher, and immigrant-weirdo. She began studying meditation as a teen in the eighties, way before it was mainstream or considered at all cool. Always ahead of the kooky curve, she is also a longtime student of esoterica including astrology and tarot. She spent over twenty years working with children, youth and families in small and large not for profits nationally and internationally. She’s been leading meditation classes, workshops and retreats since 2010 and especially enjoys teaching in nature. Her book, You Belong: A Call for Connection, is a love letter to weirdos everywhere.

Jeff Warren is a writer and a meditation teacher. He is the co-author, along with Dan Harris and Carlye Adler, of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, and author of The Head Trip, a travel guide to sleeping, dreaming and waking consciousness. Jeff’s specialties as a meditation guide – i.e., those things he has the most personal experience with – are obsessive over-thinking, dysregulated mood swings, emphatic-overwhelm, and ADHD-style attention-hijacking. For all these reasons, his favourite meditative principle is equanimity. He can talk forever about equanimity and frequently does, thus strategically introducing the challenge of sleepiness in all who accidentally listen to him.

Dan Harris is an authorized lama in an ancient and noble contemplative lineage of over-thinkers, over-schedulers, and compulsive fidgeters. He used to be a globetrotting, makeup-wearing, teleprompter-reading anchorman. But then he started meditating and wrote a book called 10% Happier, which turned into a podcast and a meditation app by the same name. Now, after spending way too much time with Seb and Jeff, he has completely lost his edge, quit his TV gig, and is writing a book about love.

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