Way of the Consciousness Explorer – Jungle Edition

Harmony Hotel, Nosara, Costa Rica
$40/ class

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Come to full course, or drop in when you like.
Suitable for all experience levels.


Feb 22, 3-5pm – Simplicity and Rest; Absorption
Feb 25, 1-3 – Thinking and Space; Friendliness
Mar 1, 3-5 – Emotions and Catharsis; Compassion
Mar 4, 1-3  – Sound, Sight, the Present Moment; Positive View
Mar 8, 3-5 – Body, Stability and Change; Positive Ideals
Mar 11, 1-3 – Acceptance and Awareness; Joy
Mar 15, 3-5 – Practice and Life; Gratitude and Interconnection


Students and explorers will learn …

  • how to develop insight into components of thinking and feeling
  • how to regulate emotions and release stuck patterns
  • how to decrease empathic overwhelm and increase healthy compassion
  • how to find comfort and appreciation in the different sense modes
  • how to build up equanimity, acceptance, and composure
  • how to simplify the mind with concentration and relaxation
  • how to choose between stability and grounding, vs energetic flow and change
  • how to implement different positivity practices and views
  • how to think about the richness and reality of contemplative transformation
  • how to apply all this to their surf and / or yoga and / or luxuriously deadbeat beach bum lifestyles
“All this meditating hasn’t helped my body odour”

Primary course objectives are to give participants a strong understanding of how meditation affects the mind, and to ensure that by the end of the course they are established in their own customized meditation practice, which they can then use as a departure point for personal growth, self-regulation, and / or cosmic mountain climbing.

Like my mentor Shinzen Young, in my teaching I move between the practical and grounded on the one hand, and the transcendent and mystical on the other. Our lives unfold between these two scales. Any understanding of meditation that doesn’t address both these dimensions is woefully incomplete


“Jeff Warren is an exceptional teacher. He explains difficult, intangible subjects with razor clarity. His enthusiasm is contagious and never wanes – not for his subject or for his students, all of whom he treats with warmth, empathy and professionalism.”
– Roy Baskind, neurologist

“Meditation practice is life changing and first introductions should not be taken lightly. I am so grateful to have had Jeff Warren as a teacher and through him a connection to Shinzen Young. I came to meditation later in life- something I wanted to explore, but I was cynical. I come from “science stuff” – biology, psychology etc., skeptical of things “spiritual”, belief systems and organized practice. Jeff teaches his own and Shinzen’s work with tremendous intelligence, sensitivity, depth and humility. What you receive is no less than the distilled essence of deep religious/ spiritual practice minus dogma that has the rigor and depth to match the best of science. You are given a range of tools to first break down and then expand moment-to-moment experience and consciousness that move with you from sitting practice to enrich every aspect of life itself. What a gift!”  – Tony Cohn, psychiatrist

“Jeff is a gifted teacher – articulate, insightful – with positive energy, caring, and a wonderful infectious curiosity that flows through to all his student.  I recommend his class to anyone who has the slightest inclination to explore their inner life more deeply and who desires to live this all-to-brief existence more fully.  He offers a real service to humanity – to being more fully human, to living more meaningfully.”
Michael K., teacher

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