Ocean Mind

Part 1 & 2 of Ocean Mind

1. The Fluid Society:

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2. Into the Whale:

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oceanmind-web-bestFifty million years ago we shared a common ancestor, a shared seed of mammalian sentience and emotionality. Then we split: one branch stayed on land, and one returned to the water. These two documentaries for CBC Radio’s Ideas are about the mind that returned to the water. How did the ocean shape the brains, the societies, and the sensory worlds of whales and dolphins? Drawing on the latest thinking from the world of cetacean neurobiology, animal culture, and a lot more, these docs attempt to capture what it’s like to be a whale. Part one is more scientific; part two more imaginative – features an incoherent rant in a flotation tank, and ends with a soundscape of the whale’s auditory world co-created with my friend, electronic music producer Noah Pred (noahpred.com). Producer on this series was the incomparable Bernie Lucht.

Visit Ideas‘ Ocean Mind website here.

The shows were first broadcast Dec 15th and Dec 22nd, 2008.

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