Journey Into the Mind

How well do you know your own mind?

HeadTripShow-MiniI presented this show in 2009 at the Asia Consciousness Festival in Hong Kong, and then again in 2010 at the Towards a Science of Consciousness conference in Tucson. It is an audio-visual summary of my book, The Head Trip, a journey through twelve distinct states of waking, sleeping and dreaming consciousness.

Although informed by science, the show’s primarily focus is first-person experience – what it feels like to be aware at different times of day and night. The idea is to use moving image and music and narration to provoke each state of consciousness in the audience, until, 45 minutes later, they are deposited gently on the other side, blinking and confused, their sense of self and reality altered forever. That is, if they don’t nod off during the tedious bits.

Jeff Warren’s Wheel of Consciousness show takes you on a journey through your own mind – including to places you barely knew existed. He doesn’t just tell you about them – he makes them happen….. you arrive back at the beginning with a new vision of inner space. Truly fantastic!” – Rita Carter, author of Mapping the Mind and Consciousness

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