Choose Your Own Adventure

You can just sit and do “Nothing,” you know (that is a meditation) or you can choose to do “Something.” Which do you choose? Good choice! The category of Something has much to recommend it, in particular its vast … particularity. The next choice is form. Some options: “Stillness” (the obvious candidate), “Movement,” or “Relational,” “Expressive” (for the artists), or any “Life Activity” for that matter. Which do you choose? Good choice! You chose stillness, a traditionalist, and thus you have aligned yourself with a wondrous historic pedigree of eyes-closed forest-dwelling droolers. Next choice: object. Behind door number one we have “Breath,” positively humming and susurrating with energetic mysteries! Door two: “Body” – dare we go here? Not easy for heads on sticks. Behind door number three is “Mantra,” a bit religious-sounding, but then this is devotion month, and we are explorers. So many adventures to choose from! This Monday night, we ask: how might a practice address our needs of the moment?

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