Gettin’ Rigour

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Gettin’ Rigour
MEDITATION: Vipassana-style noting
GROUP PRACTICE: Partner Noting

We start the month with a bit of disciplined practice. Basic insight noting. Object: the breath – a fine object with an auspicious lineage, for under the Bodhi tree the Buddha apparently rode his breath all the way to enlightenment, whatever that means. Of course this was only after a pitched psychic battle with the armies of Mara – ie. sloth, torpor, itchy neck, BORED – what’s the point?, I wish to sensual pleasure myself, snack attack! ‘OMIGOD is that a butter chicken roti I smell? – but Hindu dietary laws forbid such indulgences, oh vibrating-empty-void-not-remotely-personifed-as-a-God, give me the strength to keep meditating!’ And so he did, and so Mara was vanquished, and forever after the veggie roti became a reliable staple of Indian cuisine. You’re welcome for the history lesson.

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