God: The Abrahamic Ideal

TEACHER: Jeff Warren and Avi Craimer
THEME: God: The Abrahamic Ideal

You filthy sinners! You don’t deserve to come to our God Party, particularly after last week’s shocking expose of your deranged spiritual selves. Of course now I am perpetuating the misconception that somehow the whole God thing is about sin and judgement. It is not; apparently I am guilty of the same mindlessly reactive anti-God sentiments that plague secular culture in general. In this week, my beautiful devotional compadre Avi and I team up to take the lid off God. And not just the ‘love everybody’ stuff – no, the radical heart of the Abrahamic stance, which is engaging with reality as something that is alive and intelligent and dancing with you right now, behind your back, while you read this screen and secretly pick your nose. God sees all my friend.

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