Hidden Assumptions

THEME: Hidden Assumptions
MEDITATION: Patterns of Inner Activation
GROUP PRACTICE: Activate 4: Service is Edge-Riding

We’ll continue to flesh out the details of our potential new initiatives, but this week we’ll also mindfully explore what hidden assumptions we may be bringing to the table. One of the big lessons from the development scene over the past few years has been around clarifying paternalistic power imbalances and unexamined beliefs. What unconscious assumptions are we missing, and how can we approach making a difference without falling into some of the common traps? On the other hand, an even bigger trap is being so politically correct that all we do is talk about the idea of giving, and never actually do anything. Like meditation, service is edge riding: between sensitivity and awareness on the one-hand, and forward-moving effort and action on the other. This week we explore that edge.

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