TEACHER: Jeff Warren and Christine Pountney
THEME: Intentionality
MEDITATION: Setting Our Own Agenda
INTERACTIVE PRACTICE: Layers of Intention, Layers of Self

There are many mysteries in consciousness. One of them has to do with the curious power of our intentions to frame and order our experience. Intentions run like underground rivers through our lives; they determine, to a surprising degree, where and how we flow. And yet, for many of us, these intentions are completely unconscious. We aren’t taught to clearly articulate how we want to be, and where we want to go. This Monday, in preparation for the New Year, we’ll do two things. 1: We’ll explore the different layers of who we are and how the different parts of us may be clamouring for different things. And then, hopefully a little wiser (and more integrated), we’ll 2: create an intention-setting ceremony to raise our underground rivers into the light of day.

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