Love, Sex and Awakening

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Love, Sex and Awakening
MEDITATION: Something juicy and embodied
GROUP PRACTICE: Collective Wonderment

Back in The Day, when the CEC was run out of my living room, the group practice was called “Collective Wonderment,” and the “practice” was basically jamming in a group about a particular theme, exploring ideas and emotions and whatever else, and sometimes it was revelatory and sometimes it was banal and whatever the case it was always an interesting learning process. I’m bringing back the Wonderment for this one, a group exploration of “Love, Sex and Awakening,” a title I stole from a talk that former Buddhist nun and uber-meditator Ajahn Thanasanti is giving in Toronto on Wednesday April 15 (see below for details). I can’t make this talk! Bummed. But hopefully some CECers will go, as I’m curious about what she’ll say. HOWEVER, since I am human, I know something about these things, and you do too, so let’s get naked (in our minds –you animal) and explore together this part of being human.

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