Nothing Is Healing

It seems to be like this: overtop, there’s all this busy-busy-busyness, all this go-go-going, all this on-ramp activation and excitement as poop gets done-done-done. And that’s excellent. That’s life! We are alive! AND, it obviously causes a certain amount of wear and tear in the system.

Our deepest healing happens when we rest. That’s when our system makes most of its repairs. I think it is healthy to plug into little nourishing wells of rest throughout the day, by stopping and doing nothing.

In this meditation, we do exactly this, and explore what it might mean to orient to the stillness below the busy-busy. Then, for the loving-kindness portion, we’ll explore the always-healing stance of gratitude. And then we’ll get into a bar fight! No, that’s not true. The bars are all closed.

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