Stability and Boundaries – A Meditation for Parents

Once  upon a time, all I wanted was to dissolve my separate self into a happy puddle of cosmic oneness. Over time, meditation can do this (sort of). It definitely creates more space for you to live in, and it can show us how a huge amount of suffering comes from imagining we need to protect and manage and ultimately control our fragile and autonomous little selves.

Well this guided meditation isn’t about any of that. I have two kids now. My boundaries are well and truly dissolved (“trampled” may be more accurate). What I need now is stability and ground. I need good boundaries, not no boundaries.

This is a meditation for anyone who needs good boundaries, especially parents. It starts with a few minutes of personal context, then a 30-minute guided meditation (starts at 7:15) on stability, and finally finishes with an eyes-open boundary practice. This latter is one example of how to apply boundaries in the moment.


((Thanks to the Consciousness Explorers Club, who hosted this meditation and discussion as part of their online Harvest Meditation Retreat, that happened Oct 21 – 23, 2022.))


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