The Stories We Tell

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: The Stories We Tell
MEDITATION: Into the Heart
GROUP PRACTICE: Activate 2: Connecting to our Personal Motivation

To prepare for this session, try to think about a challenge you faced or an experience you had that really affected you and might hint at an activate direction you’d want to go. Maybe as a kid in the backseat of the family car you drove past a hideous clear-cut and ever since you’ve wanted to do something concrete to help the environment. Or maybe you have an autistic brother and have shared in his struggles. Or maybe you’ve worked with and through a screwed-up relationship and are inspired to help couples become better communicators. It’s ridiculously broad, but the idea is that the juice of our motivation to make a difference comes from our own lives, our own stories. As the great Harvard educator Marshall Ganz has said, “stories are what inspire us to act.” They communicate our values and show us a direction for – yes – our electric love.

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