The Way of Emptiness

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: The Way of Emptiness
MEDITATION: Opening Up to the Possibility of An Infinite Object

Back to Buddhism now, to what many snobs consider the pinnacle of Buddhist practice: Mahamudra, the “Great Seal” of the mountain-hopping Tibetan lamas, pointing their fingers to the sky as they zoom around on flying carpets fighting epic battles with hideous demons, all in a savage loving non-existent way. This is a top-down practice, where we orient to the essential nature of mind, never quite seeing or hearing or feeling it, for all seeing and hearing and feeling involves tangible contact with something, and true awareness is … well, nothing at all. No, this way does not lie insanity, although you may drool a bit in the corner. This can actually be quite a soothing practice if we ease our expectations and “hold the direction” – following the pointed finger out and out and out…

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