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“Sleep More. Stress Less. Live Better.”

Calm asked me to create a course for their 4 million subscribers. It was the ultimate challenge: what are the most helpful meditation practices and ideas that I can usefully communicate in thirty 10-minute segments? The course that emerged – “How to Meditate” – was fun to write and record and has received many positive reviews. I now write Calm’s “Daily Trip” meditations – short practices that attempt to communicate the exploratory joy and pleasure of meditation, along with some of its insights and challenges. Calm have been terrific to work with – they give me carte blanche to write what I want, and are endlessly supportive of my more unusual ideas. I also get to be part of a team – thank you to Rose and Lilli, my brilliant editors and friends. Much goodness on this app, from sleep stories to musical journeys to Tamara Levitt’s wildly popular “Daily Calm.” Here is a 40% off discount code.

Ten Percent Happier

“Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics”

Dan Harris and I became friends before his book, 10% Happier, became a mammoth bestseller. That book helped make meditation accessible to a huge number of people, and now his app – which combines smart video explainers with guided meditation practices  – does the same. They are my OG app partners and basically launched my career, so I owe them a lot. I also appreciate what they put out there: applied meditations for real life challenges. Dan, Carlye and I published a fun intro to meditation book called Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics.


Home Base is my own studio for building and sharing free meditations. Each week, I write about some aspect of life, accompanied by a short guided meditation on the same theme. Anyone can access the audio of all of my past Home Base meditations.

Like a home base in meditation, Home Base is meant to be a comfortable place you can return to again and again. A place to pause, and settle, and check in. The meditations are also meant to be happily pilfered and incorporated into your own work, whether you’re a therapist, teacher, social worker, doctor, nurse, community activist, parent, healer, writer, artist, or all-purpose layabout of consciousness. This is one of my main motivations in creating Home Base – to consolidate my understanding of healing, growth, and change, and to send that into the world so other practitioners and caregivers can make it their own.

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