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Meditation can be empowering and healing. So can community and social support. You learn tips from others, and just hanging out with an open-minded group of fellow explorers can make life better. I do this virtually over at my Substack community, Home Base, as well as at my free weekly Do Nothing Project broadcast on YouTube. It also happens both in-person and virtually at the Consciousness Explorers Club (CEC) in Toronto, and via the Mind Bod Adventure Pod, where my good friend Tasha Schumann and I adventure with listeners – with you – through all kinds of different practices for learning, growing, healing and more.

To find a local community practice group near you, check out these CEC-Inspired Meditation Groups, or this list of Meditation Centres and Communities affiliated with the Insight Meditation Society. I also like this fellow’s various community initiatives.

The CEC offers a free “Community Practice Activation Kit” that’s all about encouraging people to start their own practice groups, in a way that’s uniquely responsive to their local needs and context. The kit includes tips on how to write and guide meditation, how to work with meditation-related challenges, and other practical information.


I don’t offer one-on-one instruction, but I do have a network of teachers I recommend: Hokai Sobol, Lama Rod Owens, Avi Craimer, Jude Star, Emily and Vincent Horn. My own teacher Shinzen Young – along with my friend Julianna Raye – train meditation coaches via their Unified Mindfulness teacher training program. A list of qualified Unified Mindfulness coaches can be found here.


I write in greater length about my app collaborators here.

I appreciate meditation apps because I personally struggle with structure in my practice. Having short meditations on my phone is like having a mini-structure I can access anywhere; I just hit play and pour my mind inside.

I recommend Insight Timer (free, many guided practices), and the two apps I write for: Calm (they work hard to live up to their name, with soothing soundscapes in addition to guided meditations), and Ten Percent  Happier (smartly curated and sane, with monthly challenges to create momentum). I also recommend Shinzen and my friend Toby Sola’s app, Brightmind. And of course I create a free meditation every week on my Substack, which is also an app.

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