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Please use the form at the bottom of this page if you have a practice report, or you’re interested in having me do a speaking or teaching engagement.

I don’t do one-on-one instruction, but I do have a network of teachers I recommend. They are: Hokai Sobol, Lama Rod Owens, Avi Craimer,  Jude StarEmily and Vincent Horn, and my own teacher Shinzen Young, who hosts a helpful Home Practice Program one weekend a month, at very low cost. Shinzen’s main facilitator, my friend Julianna Raye, has a mindfulness training program for students and would-be teachers here.

There are also many good meditation apps out there. I recommend Insight Timer (free, many guided practices), 10% Happier (smartly curated and sane, plus their subscription fee includes support from a team of experienced instructors) and Calm (they work hard to live up to their name, with soothing soundscapes in addition to guided meditations).

I appreciate these and other apps because I  personally struggle with structure in my practice. Having short meditations on my phone gives me mini-structure I can access anywhere; I just hit play and pour my mind inside.


Meditation can be empowering and healing. So can community and social support. You learn tips from others, and just hanging out with an open-minded group of fellow explorers can make life better. I do this virtually via my free weekly Do Nothing Project broadcast on YouTube, and sometimes live at the Consciousness Explorers Clubs (CEC) in Toronto.

The CEC also offers a free “Community Practice Activation Kit” that is all about encouraging people to start their own practice groups, in a way that’s uniquely responsive to their local needs and context. The kit includes tips on how to write and guide meditation, how to work with meditation-related challenges, and other practical information.

The subject of “practice” is of course much larger than meditation-only. Twice a month, I send out short reflections on the big picture of practice called “The Equanimist Pages” – you can sign up for these here, and also visit me on Facebook and Instagram.


Finally, although I can’t respond to all the people who reach out, I do read every email. I especially enjoy reading brief notes from people who’ve been helped by practice. Life is short, and love keeps me trucking along.

Thank you, and good luck on all explorations!

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