WEAVE by Noah Pred & Jeff Warren

Just finished a fun musical collaboration –  here – with my friend Noah Pred, a  producer DJ and sound wizard. Our piece has been accepted into a virtual art exhibition called Sound Obsessed, which features “curated artworks by sonic innovators working at the intersection of art, sound, science, and technology.” Each artwork is an NFT that you can bid on, so it’s linked to crypto-everything.

The idea of this 12-minute soundscape / meditation is to encourage listeners to adjust their consciousness from the inside, using music both as the object of meditation, and as a reflection of each real-time adjustment.

So click this link and close your eyes – although know that only the second half is relaxing!

Here is a longer blurb:

Narrated by Jeff Warren with soundscape entwined by Noah Pred, WEAVE investigates the potential of sound as a tool to explore consciousness, hone attention, and ultimately expand awareness. The remixing of sound is offered as a metaphor for exploring and adjusting one’s own engagement with self / world. The 12-minute piece is a kind of guided sound meditation, moving through terrains of effort, challenge, release, and dissolution.

The sonic backdrop was constructed using custom generative tools developed by Pred. Each idea in Warren’s narration corresponds to changes in the music, and vice versa. In addition, each musical element was created from samples of Jeff’s recorded narration, re embedding the soundscape as another emanation of the same consciousness, exploring itself. This multilayered, interwoven process points toward recursive effects arguably inherent to experience.

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