Exploring Mind-Body Practices, Jungle Edition

All over the world, in every culture and tradition, people engage in mind-body practices (meditation, prayer, therapy, movement, martial arts, inquiry, art practice and so on) that change how they relate to themselves and the world around them.

For four Wednesdays in February, I’ll be hosting a special edition of the Consciousness Explorers Club at the Harmony Hotel in Nosara, Costa Rica. Each evening, a different guest teacher will lead us through a different healing and training modality. We’ll have a guided experience of that practice, and then we’ll explore together the practice’s effects, how it seems to work, and why.

Some guiding questions for our exploration: What is a practice, anyway? What qualities of mind and heart and body are trained in different practices, and where is there difference and overlap? How do these practices help us and challenge us? Are there limitations to a particular practice that we should know about? And finally, how can we bring the unique gifts of each practice into the rest of our lives?

Ultimately, the intention of this month is to empower each of us to be our own teacher, to find the right practice for us at the right time – or to create the right practice based on a deeper understanding of the healing dynamics of consciousness. Come join us in this learning adventure!

Guest teacher schedule:

Jan 31 – Amber Ryan – Five Rhythms Dance practice
Feb 7 – Jane Fryer – Restorative Yoga practice
Feb 14 – Annette Knopp – Nondual Inquiry practice
Feb 21– Heather Lundy – Movement Therapy practice

For more info, see here and here.

NOTE: please check the Harmony Hotel schedule for other offerings – for example, I also lead a free meditation class on Monday and Friday mornings.

The Harmony Hotel


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