Welcome to Your Life, How Do You Want to Be Supported? – Part 1

TEACHERS:  Jeff Warren and Michelle Leybman
MEDITATION :  Finding the “Right” Meditation Practice
INTERACTIVE : Personal  Values Exercise

Jeff: Concentration is the foundation of meditation. You could make the argument it’s the foundation of every spiritual and personal growth practice, since the world unfolds along the grain of our commitments . They key to getting this started is  interest , and what is interesting to one person may not be interesting to another. Thus, in our Part 1 meditation, we explore multiple points of entry: from body to sound to breath, in stillness and in movement. Preview here.

Then for part two, the first in a two-week series with clinical psychologist Michelle Leybman. Life just dropped us here into existence, and there doesn’t appear to be a decent user’s manual. Is it all flailing from here on in, or can we deliberately find and create intelligent support structures to help us thrive? You bet we can! But what exactly these will look like depends on our circumstances, our particular nervous systems, and our personal values. And this evening values is where we’ll begin.

NOTE: Continued on March 19th; please try to come to both weeks.

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