A Retreat for Fidgety Skeptics, Cosmic Edition

I loved the Silver Surfer when I was a kid. He was the existential super hero; one moment fighting epic battles, the next zipping around space all agonized wondering why he existed.

At this two-day retreat at Sugar Ridge (north of Toronto) we’ll explore both the deeply practical and the curiously existential nature of meditation practice. We may begin for stress-reduction, but meditation is also an opportunity to contemplate the big picture of our lives. Retreat inspired by my new book, Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics.

For all inquiries and to register, contact Sugar Ridge HERE.

Suitable for total beginners to more experienced practitioners. Two days of sitting and discussion, with some optional movement and nature excursions to keep the energy moving and the body limber. Food will be mostly vegetarian, with eggs. Cabins will be shared. Excitement will be had, as well as peaceful sighing and occasional cosmic reorientations.

Our main practices will be mindfulness and acceptance, with continuous exploration into the transformative dynamics of how spiritual practices work. We’ll also look at what it means to be your own teacher, able to “MacGyver” your meditation to fit your unique circumstances and nervous system, always curious about and alert to new openings and possibilities.


There is simply no greater adventure. My primary intention for this retreat is to activate people’s motivation and wonder. Meditation is training how you want to exist.  It’s that deep and that real. Leading these explorations is my favourite thing in the world to do, and I love getting to know folks on retreat.


on the road with the fidgety skeptics

A more detailed schedule will be sent one week before the retreat
. But, roughly: ARRIVAL between 3 – 6pm on Friday June 15th. Dinner at 6pm, welcome and meditation and discussion that evening. Saturday we alternate 40-minute sits with discussion, teaching, meals, movement, and a bit of free time. On Sunday we are back meditating, a mix of discussion and practice and how to bring it all into our lives. End Sunday the 17th, DEPARTURE around 2:30pm.


Price: C$525 (US$ 400) + 13% HST / Per person

Read about my teaching style here.

For all inquiries and to register, contact Sugar Ridge HERE.


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