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Art of Living Retreat Centre in North Carolina

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During his first few years of meditation, Jeff Warren spent his time “pinging around in a lather of ADD-powered excitability, jumping from teacher to teacher and technique to technique, never sure what [he] was doing or why.”

Now Warren, coauthor with Dan Harris of the New York Times best seller Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, offers suggestions for practice (meditation practice, movement practice, life practice)—both relevant and exciting.

No matter how many techniques you’ve tried and how many paths you’ve neurotically messed up, Warren helps you start fresh again, exploring the core existential principles that are trained across all meditation techniques. You delve into the dynamics behind mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness meditation, and choiceless awareness meditation. You dig into the magical mysteries of concentration, clarity, equanimity, and friendliness. Then, you build a customized practice that works for you. Warren guides you in a rigorously humanistic way that nevertheless gets downright mystical at the end, because, frankly, that’s where the fun is.

Nurtured by breathtaking views, this retreat is suitable for total beginners to more experienced practitioners. Three days of sitting and discussion, with some movement and nature excursions to keep the energy moving and the body limber. Excitement will be had, as well as peaceful sighing and frequent existential reorientations.

Meditation can be ridiculously helpful, and it doesn’t have to look anything like the stereotypes, nor do you need to buy into a particular worldview to enjoy its benefits and perspective.

What’s more, when we understand how the practice works in our own nervous systems, we can begin to be our own teacher. We make a practice our own by finding an object and a style and an approach that works for us. And then we pass it on, so the practice can find its unique expression in someone else. This is how sanity becomes a social movement.

This retreat is appropriate for all.


“Jeff is a fantastic teacher: funny, empathetic, open-hearted, wise, and smart as a whip. The workshop was a game-changer for my meditation practice.”

“Jeff Warren is a wonderful teacher for those of us just beginning to get deeper into a meditation practice. I have no doubt he can support more experienced/seasoned mediators as well. I found him down to earth, easily able to relate to and a teacher I would be interested in taking a longer meditation retreat with. A really positive and welcoming experience for me.”

“It was a fantastic program that was able to reach people of many different levels of meditation experience. Jeff Warren uses humor and his own experiences to de-mystify meditation in a way that makes it accessible to anyone!”

“Jeff Warren did a fantastic job! He is an excellent speaker and teacher and I’d be thrilled to attend any program he offers in the future.”

About Jeff

Jeff Warren is a meditation instructor and journalist, celebrated for his accessible and pragmatic style of teaching. He is the co-author of The New York Times bestselling Meditation for Fidgety Skepticsand founder of The Consciousness Explorers Club, a nonprofit meditation educational group based in Toronto. Jeff has successfully taught meditation to police officers, young offenders, social workers, and Google executives, among many others. His meditations are featured on the popular 10% Happier app.

His agenda:


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