Liminial Dreaming at the CEC

DATES: Mon, June 10, 7:30pm – 10pm
COST: Entrance by donation
LOCATION: Mosaic Yoga Toronto
TEACHERS: Jennifer Dumpert, Jeff Warren

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Join CEC for a special Monday night offering, celebrating the launch of Jennifer Dumpert’s book Liminal Dreaming: Exploring Consciousness at the Edges of Sleep! CEC founder Jeff Warren and author Jennifer Dumpert will lead participants into hypnagogic dream states using meditations and yoga nidra methods. Jennifer will then teach a variety of exercises for discovery and application of liminal dreams

You’re probably familiar with liminal dreams, but you may never have given them much thought. We all possess the ability to maintain waking, rational mind while sinking into the free associative, kaleidoscopic realms of the subconscious. Yet few of us develop this powerful tool for exploring consciousness.

In the space between waking and sleep you pass through the xxx zones of liminal dreaming, where the mind meanders between daytime consciousness and the depths of the dream. As you fall asleep, you pass through hypnagogia; as you wake, hypnopompia.

In this session, we’ll undertake a series of practices that harness hypnagogia and hynopompia for:

  • Creativity and problem solving: Salvador Dali and Thomas Edison, independently of each other, invented the same hypnagogic practice, a version of which has been used by many scientists, philosophers, and spelunkers of the mind.
  • Mental healing and balance: Jung’s visionary practice of active imagination dovetails with the Sufi concept of imagination as a faculty of perception to underscore a way of moving through the world that Jennifer calls liminal mind.
  • Exploration of the continuity of consciousness: The model of a mind that turns on in waking and off in sleep is a poor one. In fact, there is a continuity of consciousness that’s easy to experience. There are methods for locating yours along this continuum, where you discover yourself in various proportions of waking and dream.

Jennifer and Jeff have been close colleagues for over a decade. This is their first opportunity presenting a workshop together. Entrance by donation. Jennifer’s book will be available for purchase!

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