Meditation Drop-In – Jungle Edition, Part 2

I’ll be hanging in Costa Rica again for part of December and February, to surf and write and relax and also to be Artist-in-Residence at the awesome Harmony Hotel.

In exchange for them putting me up, I offer free meditation classes at 7am on Mondays and Fridays to all guests and anyone else who wants to stop by. This arrangement keeps me sane the rest of the year; I am endlessly grateful for my amazing hosts John, Lee, Monica and the rest of the Harmony posse.

The part I am most psyched about this year is having no agenda. So, if you’re in town, drop by and we’ll see what happens. It will be some mix of lightly guided practice and discussion, with spooky jungle acoustics, and the usual visits from passing howler monkeys and pizotes.

“All this meditating isn’t helping my body odour”

Feb / March schedule:

  • Feb 15, 7 – 8am
  • Feb 18, 7 – 8am
  • Feb 22, 7 – 8am
  • Feb 25, 7 – 8am
  • Mar 1, 7 – 8am



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