Meditation and Creative Practice: Public Talk

As part of their in-person conversation series, Jeff will be at The Grounds for Sculpture (GFS) in New Jersey on May 3rd, 2023, for an evening dialogue and meditation exploration with Gary Garrido Schneider, Executive Director of Grounds For Sculpture. GFS offers a range of mindfulness, art, and movement workshops that harness the benefits of engaging with art and nature to support mental and physical well-being.

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About the TALK:
There are many kinds of practices: artistic practice, movement practice, gardening practice, therapy practice, work practice, communication practice. The list goes on. A practice is any activity or way of being that we engage in regularly and deliberately. The more consciously we do this, the more powerful our practices become. You can think of “practice” as the ultimate creative medium, for the canvas it works on is our entire life.

In this wide-ranging talk, author and meditation teacher Jeff Warren will explore the creative medium of practice, and how insights from meditation can turbo boost the habits and practices we already do. This doesn’t have to look like meditating in a cave for 20 years! Jeff will use short guided practices to help us locate the basic skills of meditation, as they exist right now in our experience. Then he’ll show us how – like artists – we can apply these skills to anything we do. Doing so has incalculable benefits: more smoothness and ease, less suffering, more intimacy and connection with the mystery of life.

About Jeff

Jeff Warren is an author and meditation teacher, dedicated to empowering people to improve their mental health through meditation and personal growth practices. He is known for his playful and accessible teaching style, and has taught meditation to US Army cadets, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Arizona cops, Google executives, distractible teens, suspicious journalists, burned-out caregivers, formerly-incarcerated youth, and every other conceivable demographic of freethinker, including squirmy six-year old kids He is the co-author of the book “Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics” with Dan Harris, and the author of “The Head Trip” Jeff is also the founder of the Consciousness Explorers Club, a non-profit meditation group in Toronto. His meditations are featured on the apps Calm and Ten Percent Happier.

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