Mindfulness Challenge 2017


Copy: “Not your average fundraising event. It’s a meditate-athon featuring a feast of mindfulness activities — from meditation to yoga to mindful eating and back again, all designed to get your compassion juices flowing. Guided by some of Toronto’s best mindfulness and yoga teachers, including our own Jeff Warren, it’s a great way for beginners to dive in, and for experienced meditators to ride the wave of so many people practising together.”

All money raised will help The Centre for Mindfulness Studies bring mindfulness mental health programs to marginalized people who live with depression, anxiety and other challenges. Last year’s event was a big success. In addition to the Toronto location, this year’s event is also taking place in Oakville, London and online. Click for more good information.

“An incredible and uplifting experience” – Paul Sobocinski

“A deeply rewarding act of compassion” – Felix Almeida

“What this program is doing for the world is so needed. It is truly moving mental wellness in an amazing direction.” – Angela Kontgen

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